KARINE BIAIS Founder Les Parigotes

"Our website, “les Parigotes” , was born out of a genuine love for the Parisian woman and her pretty little crib… Paris. A city that is hiving with creativity, where passion is expressed and where ideas flourish. A genuine source of inspiration and creativity for passionate fashionistas. Our Parigote is an authentic Parisian… A free and curious woman who feels at home in a pair of pumps. Through her simple, yet insightful choices, she never ceases to seduce, with a style that is both appropriate and personal.

Les Parigotes invites you to dive in and immerse yourself in a store that showcases young designers. There are so many women who are making the world of Parisian fashion shine with their talent and through their collections, all with a chic, vintage hue.”"

Belles Rencontres ...
We are particularly proud to present to you our group of Parigote designers! Behind these names hides a broad and comprehensive colour palette, in which we invite you to discover bags, garments, handmade jewellery and various accessories. All of them are connected by their love for work done well, their enjoyment in working with various materials, designing objects, giving them life and colour - and all with a view to producing high-quality limited collections. These ‘Parigotes’ are truly passionate. These are the names that are making their mark on our little Parisian world with their unique creative footprints, and who are continuously arousing fresh interest in our capital city. Because we believe in them and are convinced of their talent, we are truly delighted to present them to you. A luxury repertoire...
like a stroll through the best of what vintage Paris has to offer, and all at a single address...

Enjoy the discovery!

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